Overdraft Protection

Mistakes happen, but overdraft protection provides comfort in knowing your check or debit will be paid in the event your account goes below zero. We offer several options for overdraft protection including Overdraft Privilege and Sweep Overdraft Protection. To sign up for Overdraft Privilege or Sweep Overdraft Protection, please visit any one of our office locations.

Overdraft Privilege 

Insufficient Funds fees are imposed for paying or returning overdrafts created by checks, pre-authorized debits, online banking transactions, ACH debits and in-house transfers to loan and deposit accounts that cause the current balance to fall below $0.00 on your account.  Limits have been established for the number of fees that can be charged per day, as well as the minimum balance or transaction amount that can be assessed a fee. 

  • Extended Overdraft Privilege is also available for ATM and Debit card transactions.  Enroll Now if you would like to select Extended Overdraft Privilege for future transactions. Eligible accounts must be open for at least 30 calendar days. All consent forms are subject to approval. 

Sweep Overdraft Protection

Avoid the hassle of returned checks and costly overdraft fees by linking your checking account to another First Federal account. In the event your account becomes overdrawn, the funds will automatically sweep to cover the item(s).

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