Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q. How do I apply for a position with First Federal Bank?

A. Go to and select the “Click Here to Apply” button.  This will bring you to our career center that shows our current open positions.  Click on the position in which you are interested in applying and select the “Apply” button.  First, you will create a user ID and password in order to set up your candidate profile.  Next, you will complete the application by uploading your resume and answering a few questions. 

Q. Do I need to complete an application or may I just provide my resume?

A. To be considered for an open position, you are required to complete our online application.  But don’t worry, it’s easy!  If you upload your current resume, which is one of the first steps during the application process, the system populates most of your information into our employment application.  All you have to do is input any additional information you wish to share and verify that everything is correct.  

Q. What is involved in credit checks and background checks when applying for a position?

A. At a certain stage in the application process, a full credit report from a recognized reporting agency will be requested, as well as fingerprinting will be required to obtain a criminal background check.   First Federal Bank also reserves the right to administer drug testing as needed. 

Q. Is there any pre-employment testing required?

A. Yes, we have identified various assessments that help us predict your fit with different roles at First Federal Bank.  Our pre-employment assessment allows us to evaluate your skill-sets, preferred work style, and ability to solve problems and draw logical conclusions.  Depending on the job you are pursuing, you will face an assessment tailored to that position. 

Q. How long should I expect to hear back from someone after I complete my application?

A. While we have no concrete timeline, our established standard is to have most positions filled within 30 days from opening.  Often this is dependent upon the schedule of the actual hiring manager.  In most cases your recruiter will be in contact with you and keep you posted, via email or telephone, on the status of the position. 

Q. How long will my application remain active?

A. Once your application is completed in full, you will be considered for the open position in which you applied until the position is closed or you were notified otherwise via telephone or email.  Once a position is closed, your application will remain in the system and you will be able to update your information as needed by logging into your candidate profile. 

Q. Are benefits offered to all employees?

 A. We provide a competitive pay package and diverse benefits that match the diverse needs of our full-time employees. 

Q. Is there a dress code that I will be required to follow?

 A. Yes.  All employees are required to adhere to a specific dress code.  For some employees, uniforms are provided at no cost. 

Q. Do all candidates have to go through a formal hiring process?

A. While our recruiting efforts may seem somewhat challenging to some individuals, we have developed a systematic and multi-faceted approach to hiring top talent and the process must be followed for all candidates.  But that's important for you, as much as for First Federal to ensure that we have the right person performing the right job. 

Q. Will I be required to perform tasks outside of my job description?

A. Possibly.  You'll collaborate with other creative and goal-oriented team members on innovative projects in an environment where you can achieve your full potential. 

Q. What about my work/life balance?

A. You have family, friends, and interests outside of First Federal.  We recognize this fact and you will have flexibility to manage your work and personal life.  No one knows better than you how to manage your time and get the job done. 

Q. Will I have opportunities for upward mobility within the company?

A. Over time, you may want to advance into a leadership role or grow your skills and talents in other areas.  When you're ready for a new challenge, we'll provide the resources and support through our job posting process to help make the right choice for you.


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